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How did I arrive at the intersection of venture capital and diversity & inclusion? Years spent focused on helping women entrepreneurs find their voices, underscored by my expertise in entrepreneurship, capital, and finance.

My personal journey has been one of claiming all facets of my fullest voice - including being Latina, a boy mom, an entrepreneur, a dancer, and a finance nerd - even when others were determined to keep me quiet and small.

My life's work is empowering others to do the same.



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$250k investment from dream VC

"Working with Stefanie is a game-changer. I show up to investor pitches and meetings with completely new energy since I started working with her. I talk about my startup completely differently thanks to the Power Statements she's created. More than that, Stefanie is 100% authentic and real."

- Veronica Woodruff, Founder + CEO of Travelsist

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Ready to up-level your next investor pitch or speaking engagement?

Learn the intuitive process I use to create my most compelling language with exercises to help you concentrate your big idea into concise Power Statements.


What brave speech are you meant to bring forward?

Learn the exact framework I use to create my most powerful speeches with exercises to help you make every speaking engagement a reflection of your bravery and depth.