WOE Main Event | Johns Creek, GA | June 13, 2019


Women compete with each other? I have no clue what you’re talking about. We love on each other. We cheer each other on. We celebrate each other’s success. We offer a shoulder to cry on and our shoulders to stand on.
Be seen and celebrated with this soulful and ambitious tribe of female founders and lady bosses.


Brave Action, Brave Voice

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Claiming your voice happens in stages and levels. It starts in one area of your life and seeks to expand, but that requires a delicate balance of effort and allowing.
So many women I speak to have a Brave Vision of where their Voice can take them and the impact it can create. But there’s a gap… A list of pre-requisites to check off. A resume of accomplishments to fulfill.
I’m here to share that the gap between your Brave Vision and your Brave Voice contains only 3 items, and you can claim them at any point in time.


While I was building it,

it rebuilt me.


There is an art to building yourself while you’re building your business. There are also elements of your business endeavors and dreams which will elude you until you choose to bravely and honestly address your inner blocks.

I have learned that success and deep self-love won’t be found at the end destination – only within our unique journey to get there. The sooner we believe we are worthy, even before the spotlight, followers, and cash flow, the sooner those gifts (and much more) will arrive.


Love and Praise

“Other coaches have stopped at something that fit. You took the time and interest to get to know me, the real me that yearns to be a woman of service and divine power. I knew your coaching would make all the difference in the world to my journey, and I absolutely know that was the right decision.”- Beth P.
“What Stefanie worked with me on goes WAY beyond finding fulfillment in my career and growing my email list….it has translated to over $75,000 of growth in the past year for our business, with the potential for so much more in the coming year.``- Anna G.
``I am so grateful for your event. I am still on a high from the energy of meeting such incredible women who are on a mission to support/empower one another and change the world at the same time. Thank you, also, for providing a place for ``real talk`` and vulnerability. I have learned from experience that it is our vulnerability that makes us strong.``- Tori M.
``What you are doing for the female entrepreneurial community is amazing. Every time you share a piece of your story at each event it makes it more and more clear why this means so much to you and your passion shines through every time! I’m still feeding off of the energy from yesterday and I’m sure all of the fabulous ladies in attendance are doing the same. WOE really does have a piece of my heart!``- Lanita P.
``The atmosphere of the tribe you have cultivated is so nurturing and loving that it was unlike any other women's networking experience I have had.``- Bethany P.
``Being surrounded by multiple influential and powerful women, gave confidence to the “badass” women within me. There was no cattiness, competition or comparison. There was class and maturity in the air, and I truly left refreshed. We celebrated our power, our struggle, our triumphs, and our beauty within a matter of a few hours. It won’t be my last WOE with Stefanie. Thank You!``- Pytron P.
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