Something has blossomed.  I'm thrilled to share with you the new logo design and visual elements for my personal brand which I haven't redesigned since 2017.

The designer is 
Cayla Hall who did an amazing job of understanding my vision and creating a fresh look that also plays well with my other brands, The Women Only Experience (WOE) and She Conquers Capital. 

Here are few words from Cayla on the inspiration behind the new brand elements:

The Logo
“Inspired by the stained-glass windows of the catholic churches of Stefanie’s childhood, this medallion style logo carves a path connecting the outside world to a peaceful inner space. In the center of the medallion, you'll find either Stefanie's initials, or a rose in bloom - full of expansion and vitality. You also may spot a small rose icon here and there, just to keep the vibe going strong.”

The Fonts
“A new logo also means new fonts! We are grounding the brand with a serif font with a touch of the traditional and the modern. A bold and beautiful brush script rounds out the softer side of things (and will always signify a chance to look inward and tend to your spirit).”

The Color
“‘Stefanie Teal’, as I call it, is still the forefront of this brand, giving fresh tropical water vibes, along with a deep navy blue. And we are bringing feminine energy to the party with a powerful hot pink.”

As you can tell, there is a lot of layered meaning that went into this design. I couldn’t possibly put all of our design inspiration into this post. Thank you 
Cayla Hall for bringing my deep and layered symbolism to life visually. Working with you is a treasure!