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Hello! I'm Stefanie Diaz. 

My mission is galvanizing unstoppable women through speaking, coaching, and my heart-centered WOE (Women Only Entrepreneurs) events and community. Our Main Event is described as Ellen meets Oprah for female founders and lady bosses. You must check it out!

Before launching WOE, I was Founder and Host of Mastermind Your Launch Radio which aired on Business Radio X and generated over 130,000 listeners per episode. On the show, I interviewed Atlanta's most inspiring technology startup founders and investors to reveal the untold stories behind their launch. 

Sharing my Voice and giving others a platform to share theirs has been the key for creating the freedom and impact I'm so grateful to have. And so many deep lessons have unfolded along the way... I'm excited to share all of those stories and more with you during this 5-day experience. 

You have nothing to lose, and a completely new chapter to gain!

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