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Craft Your Signature Event Experience

The calling on your heart is not an illusion – 

it’s a preview.

When resistance arrives, because it will, remember – your depth is your secret weapon. Your authenticity is what grounds you. Your trust is what propels you. Your validation comes from within.

Be brave, Sister, because your tribe is waiting for your leadership and voice.

Working together:

I coach trailblazers: unstoppable women who are making a big difference and have big, gorgeous, life-changing dreams. They are servant leaders, coaches, creatives, and CEO’s who want to lead and live with their whole heart. Now.

We do everything with soul, authenticity, joy, optimism and wisdom. We’ll dial in your messaging and voice, get to the heart of what brings your community together, define your desires, and draw your unique path on the map to get you there. Then, we’ll amp up your bravery and brilliance, rewire your brain for unabashed expression, and find every opportunity to dance with the universe along the way.

Think of me as your sister, soul-expression coach, brave partner, and co-creator.

Let’s get to work.

“What Stefanie worked with me on goes WAY beyond finding fulfillment in my career and growing my email list….it has translated to over $75,000 of growth in the past year for our business, with the potential for so much more in the coming year. If you’re feeling stuck in your life or business, or just unsure of where you should go next or overwhelmed with what projects to tackle next, Stefanie is the one you need to call. She obviously cares just as much about our business as I do, and she puts every ounce of passion and experience that she has into helping you grow.- Anna Gordon, Founder of Anna Gordon Portraits
“The most amazing transformation I noticed today was that I felt calm, confident clarity that I have not felt in a long time. The more I reflect on the angle that we identified, the more it feels comfortable like home; and new, exciting, and expansive like a foreign land to-be-explored, all at once. It is so me, and yet, so much the part of me that I have been hesitant to reveal to the world. I have come to understand that the part you hide fiercely is the part that must be shown to the world for your higher self to grow, so I expect amazing things to come from this journey. You took the time and interest to get to know me, the real me that yearns to be a woman of service and divine power, and I cannot thank you enough for that. Other coaches have stopped at “something that fit” rather than making the deep dive to uncover the right pieces, and put them together in a way I hadn’t considered on my own. I knew from the moment I received your email that your coaching would make all the difference in the world to my journey, and I absolutely know that was the right decision.”- Beth Puetz, Health Coach
“Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling SO GOOD after our meeting today. I came home and started working on one of the posts we talked about. It’s awesome and the writing has just flowed. It felt so good to be back in my element and doing what I love. And to have the direction to know where I’m going. Thanks for helping me to create clarity and giving me the encouragement where I need it. You’re in the right line of work, girl! So happy to be working with you.”- Erica Jones, Founder of True Beauty You

1:1 Coaching with Stefanie


Depending on your needs, during our time together we can:

  • Craft your signature event experience, including a plan for profitability
  • Explore your ideal business model, based on your vision for your life and work
  • Identify and release old beliefs and behavior patterns that are preventing flow
  • Craft your core message, tagline & program names
  • Integrate activities that expand your visibility and leadership as a speaker 
  • Map out the critical elements that attract, serve, and grow your tribe
  • Restructure your systems so that you welcome growth with ease


(1) 3-hour session

Quickly get in flow with this one-time engagement that holds the space to gain clarity and a structured action plan around your most burning question and big-vision desire. Unlimited email/text access included for up to 30 days after our meeting.

|| $695. Click here to claim your session!

“My favorite thing about Stefanie is that she understands that entrepreneurship is more than a business process. She knows at an elemental level that it’s a journey. She also knows that we go through peaks and valleys as we claim our full power as female entrepreneurs. Stefanie realizes that part of claiming our power is learning to own our voices and the struggle and emotional work inherent in that task. She supports us as we move through this scary – no, terrifying – process and provides strategies and actions that magically move us through the work.”- Becky Berry, Founder of Becky Berry Career Coach
“Stefanie has a gift for helping you get to the core of the issue at hand. This is not from strategizing externally, but deeply looking the internal facets that we habitually ignore. I’ve taken several of Stefanie’s workshops and can say that her expertise in how life is reflective in everything we do comes through in her teachings.”- Leah Merriweather, Founder of Vibrate Higher
“Stefanie has been an integral part of my life for many years now. Her no nonsense approach to solving problems through logical thinking and emotional intelligence has helped me stay on my path to success and clear thinking. She also allows a space for me to speak openly and honestly with a true servant’s heart with no judgement. Stefanie is the perfect person for me to mastermind with and get really clear on next steps. I hope that more women will be so lucky to have her presence in their life because it's making a huge ripple effect for millions of people and beyond.”- Belinda Landers Jackson, Sales Coach

About Me

Tribe builder and Founder of WOE | The Women Only Experience

Worked with 400+ clients through workshops, coaching, and consulting to hone their message and elevate their voice in the market

Reinvented my work in the world by launching the Mastermind Your Launch Podcast which grew to over 100 shows and a listenership of over 130,000 per episode 

Created my own stage by hosting over 60 events (and counting) for Atlanta entrepreneurs

Now, sought-after Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Speaker featured at Sage Summit US and TiECON Southeast

Four-time mentor to Techsquare Labs’ $100k Atlanta Startup Battle Finalists

Board Member for TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) Diversity and Inclusion Society 

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus - Sell Your Membership Products With WooCommerce The Right Way .