Match the Impact You Create to the Depth of Who You Are 

You are claiming your power, speaking your truth, and a building life-changing business. It’s a beautiful journey, but one that comes with many twists and turns.

In moments of uncertainty, you may question your direction, especially if you’re steering the ship alone.

As both a coach and someone who has traveled far outside my comfort zone to transform my life and business, I’m here to be your guide. To anticipate the moments where curiosity transforms into discomfort. To propel your momentum forward in that exact moment when you feel the wind no longer in your sails. To guide you safely to the treasures that call you, so you experience deeply the joy of conquering your big vision.

“What Stefanie worked with me on goes WAY beyond finding fulfillment in my career and growing my email list….it has translated to over $75,000 of growth in the past year for our business, with the potential for so much more in the coming year.  If you’re feeling stuck in your life or business, or just unsure of where you should go next or overwhelmed with what projects to tackle next, Stefanie is the one you need to call. She obviously cares just as much about our business as I do, and she puts every ounce of passion and experience that she has into helping you grow.

Anna Gordon, Founder of Anna Gordon Portraits





Building a life-changing business requires steps further and further outside your comfort zone. You expect some things to change, in fact, you’re counting on it.

I’m here to tell you that while you’re executing that perfect plan, some of those changes won’t be the ones you expected. 

I’ve done this on a massive scale.

In the span of less than 3 years, I changed nearly every aspect of my life and business. I know the emotional, financial, and mental journey that unfolds when we surrender to our divine purpose. I also discovered 3 principles that allow us to stay grounded and moving forward on our path – even as gale force winds of uncertainty surround us.

You’ll be armed with these principles and strategies as we co-create the plan that aligns and expands your impact in the world.

“The most amazing transformation I noticed today was that I felt calm, confident clarity that I have not felt in a long time.  The more I reflect on the angle that we identified, the more it feels comfortable like home; and new, exciting, and expansive like a foreign land to-be-explored, all at once.  It is so me, and yet, so much the part of me that I have been hesitant to reveal to the world.  I have come to understand that the part you hide fiercely is the part that must be shown to the world for your higher self to grow, so I expect amazing things to come from this journey.

You took the time and interest to get to know me, the real me that yearns to be a woman of service and divine power, and I cannot thank you enough for that.  Other coaches have stopped at “something that fit” rather than making the deep dive to uncover the right pieces, and put them together in a way I hadn’t considered on my own.  I knew from the moment I received your email that your coaching would make all the difference in the world to my journey, and I absolutely know that was the right decision.”

-Beth Puetz

“Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling SO GOOD after our meeting today. I came home and started working on one of the posts we talked about. It’s awesome and the writing has just flowed. It felt so good to be back in my element and doing what I love. And to have the direction to know where I’m going. Thanks for helping me to create clarity and giving me the encouragement where I need it. You’re in the right line of work, girl! So happy to be working with you.”

-Erica Jones, Founder of True Beauty You

About Me

Community builder and Founder of WOE Women Only Entrepreneurs

Host of Mastermind Your Launch Radio which created over 100 shows and generating over 130,000 listeners per episode 

Worked with 400+ clients through workshops, coaching, and consulting to hone their message and elevate their voice in the market

Sought-after public speaker recently featured at Sage Summit US and TiECON Southeast

Hosted 40+ events for Atlanta entrepreneurs

Named an Atlanta Startup Wonder Woman by Hypepotamus

Three-time mentor to Techsquare Labs’ Atlanta Startup Battle Finalists

Board Member for TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) Diversity and Inclusion Society 

“My favorite thing about Stefanie is that she understands that entrepreneurship is more than a business process. She knows at an elemental level that it’s a journey. She also knows that we go through peaks and valleys as we claim our full power as female entrepreneurs.

Stefanie realizes that part of claiming our power is learning to own our voices and the struggle and emotional work inherent in that task. She supports us as we move through this scary – no, terrifying – process and provides strategies and actions that magically move us through the work.”

-Becky B.

Empower yourself to reach a new depth in your work and new heights of success.

Investment = $700.

Included in this engagement:

  • 3 hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Access to Face Forward Personal Branding Digital Course
  • Complimentary ticket to the next WOE Main Event 

Note:  This engagement is conducted with a 2-hour initial session and a 1-hour follow-up. We will meet virtually via a Zoom video call or in person at my office in Thrive Coworking in Alpharetta, GA.

“Stefanie has the power to support you with a loving nonjudgmental nature, while still providing you the direction you need to hear. She is always able to make you feel seen and heard, even if is not something she has personally been through. Having Stefanie as part of my support system has been one of the biggest blessings in my life!”

-Jocelyn R.

“Stefanie has been an integral part of my life for many years now.  Her no nonsense approach to solving problems through logical thinking and emotional intelligence has helped me stay on my path to success and clear thinking.  She also allows a space for me to speak openly and honestly with a true servant’s heart with no judgement.  Stefanie is the perfect person for me to mastermind with and get really clear on next steps.  I hope that other people will be so lucky to have her presence in their life that will make a huge ripple effect for millions of people and beyond.”

-Belinda J.

“Stefanie has a gift for helping you get to the core of the issue at hand. This is not from strategizing externally, but deeply looking the internal facets that we habitually ignore. I’ve taken several of Stefanie’s workshops and can say that her expertise in how life is reflective in everything we do comes through in her teachings.”

-Leah M.

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