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"Working with Stefanie is a game-changer."

Meet Veronica

$250k investment from dream VC

"Working with Stefanie is a game-changer. I show up to investor pitches and meetings with completely new energy since I started working with her. I talk about my startup completely differently thanks to the Power Statements she's created. More than that, Stefanie is 100% authentic and real."

- Veronica Woodruff, Founder + CEO of Travelsist

1:1 Coaching + Inward

Meet your coach.

4x Founder. Public Speaker. Venture Capital Investor. Community Builder. Podcaster. Executive Coach.

I've been scaling companies since 2007 beginning with a pharmaceutical startup that we grew to over $100M in annual revenue in 4 years.

For the last 6 years, I've been coaching founders, mostly women, to reveal the fullness of their voices in a way that expands their business beyond what they believed possible.

I've also had a seat on both sides of the table. I've raised capital for a FinTech company, a venture fund, and myself. I've screened deal flow at the angel and venture capital levels.

My coaching has changed lives and personal fortunes.

And my philosophies are what took me from scaling a pharma company to over $100M to launching my own podcast, launching one of Atlanta's most dynamic and diverse communities for women, and the world of venture capital.

Let's work together and bring all of you to your rightful place at the table.


Women Gathered


Events Hosted


Podcasts Published


Capital Raised


The value you have given throughout this program has far exceeded my expectations.

This has been the best coaching program I've ever been a part of.

I do not believe that I would be where I am right now if not for 1:1 coaching with you. It has been life-changing.

If you are considering hiring Stefanie as a consultant, rest assured she will exceed your expectations.

Meet Lauren

Raising a $20M fund

"I was so impressed with Stefanie, I hired her on the spot. Flash forward one week. We have our first call and in 15 minutes flat she has two ideas that no one on our team had even thought of yet. What we needed wasn’t to hire someone who LOOKED like our investors to help bring them in. Frankly, that felt pandering and gross to even think about. The answer was to find an ally who understood what we are doing at Full Course. One who could help us navigate the system and supports our purpose and mission in doing so."

- Lauren Fernandez, Full Course

1:1 Coaching + Inward

Meet Bridgette

$0 - $250k revenue in 5 months

"Stefanie's ability to draw out my authentic voice through the power of speaking, community, and events has been a game-changer for me and those I'm blessed to serve. The best part of this experience for me is the combination of 1:1 and group coaching. I get the chance to zero in on my business AND create meaningful connections with women on the same journey. We celebrate and support each other!"

- Bridgette Boucha, Founder of The Betterment Project

1:1 Coaching + Group Mastermind

Meet Gabrielle

"The confidence I needed to execute a flawless and profitable conference for 150 attendees..."

"Working with Stefanie taught me more than I could have imagined. She taught me how to market my event and to really determine my target market, my why, and who I am trying to get to my event. All of the elements gave me the confidence I needed to execute a flawless event for 150 attendees. I am now on my third event and each one has grown exponentially."

- Gabrielle D'auria, Community builder and Founder of the Wellscene ATL conference

1:1 Coaching Client


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