uncover your truth and the treasures that await you.

The journey to a higher place in the world often requires you to dig deep below the surface. You’ll know you’ve reached that place because you are:

Seeking a deeper knowledge of who you are, what you were born to do, and truth of your power.

Pursuing an entrepreneurial venture that challenges your resolve and tests your faith.

Navigating massive change and transformation in your life and career.

Ready to become an unstoppable force for your own inner peace and positive impact on the world.

Awakening. That moment when the calling on your heart to do more and be more can no longer be silenced. If you choose to follow it, you will unknowingly set into motion a series of events that will call into question nearly every aspect of your life. How you think. Who you trust. What you do. And who you are.

Taking the leap to live your truth is exhilarating. However, when adversity strikes and the old refuses to loosen its grip, who will you choose to be? Will you forge ahead or retreat to what you’ve always known?

Learn how to greet the unexpected, how to let go of the unfulfilled, and how to stay grounded when the winds of uncertainty are blowing with what feels like hurricane force.

Your path has a stunning destination, and it will require you to activate and wield your power like never before. Learn from someone who has experienced the shadows and the light this journey has to offer.

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I have been on a dive through deep, dark waters where I uncovered the most beautiful treasures. As I sit here today, I can feel so deeply the transformation that has my heart, mind, and a world of opportunities more open and full than ever before. These and so many treasures I would never have found if I hadn’t first had the courage to leave the surface behind. 

Wherever you are in your life, there are treasures within you. You’ve likely uncovered a few already, but there’s always another one waiting to be discovered. A new way of being. A new way of connecting. A new way of contributing. A new way of succeeding. It’s all right there just below the surface.

But you can’t access those treasures when you’re living in fear, blame, shame, scarcity, worry, denial, or delusion, even though those are the moments you feel you need those treasures the most. The times when you’re alone, overwhelmed, and wishing for a change… been there. We all have. And while life may push you to that place, be careful how long you stay.

Honor your journey. Shift blame to blessings. Shift regret to gratitude. Because the evolution you’re in (however hard it may be) is pointing you towards your next treasure, and The Deep Dive is here to help you unlock the chest.

explore 2 ways to take your Deep Dive.

Getaway Retreat.

Part seminar. Part ceremony. Part celebration weekend. You won’t want to leave the safe haven that has you exploring the depth of who you are in a way you never have before. Nothing but goddess energy from the moment you arrive because in this intimate space you will be seen for all of the beauty you shine. Scroll down for more info.

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Sister Circle.

You gather the women and I bring the Deep Dive experience to you. Perfect for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of themselves while deepening the connection among the existing tribe that supports them. Individual pre-work and a curated interactive experience that will leave your community glowing. Click below to learn more.

Learn more

about the Deep Dive Retreat.

This deeply transformative retreat experience includes:

Accommodations for 3 nights at our private Cuscowilla villa on beautiful Lake Oconee.

Shared suite with one other attendee, including bedroom with two queen beds, private bathroom, living room, kitchen, and lake views. 

Nourishing meals, tailored to dietary restrictions. 

Intuitive leadership Deep Dive sessions facilitated by Stefanie Diaz.

A one-on-one Deep Dive session with Stefanie Diaz.

Free time to reflect, journal, process, center and align. 

Special guests for yoga, meditation, and more.

Astrological chart reading with my go-to expert with your choice of focus: Career or Personal. 

Next Program for Entrepreneurial Women
3-Night Retreat on Lake Oconee

Friday evening Sept 21st through Monday morning Sept 24th

Few Spaces Remain! – Save Your Spot Right Away


what topics will The Deep Dive cover?


Learn how to release the pain of disappointment in yourself and others so that you free your mind to focus what’s working. Gain tools that quickly and powerfully shift your energy to keep your head in the game and time on your side.


Identify your negative thought patterns so that you stay in control of the signals you’re sending to your subconscious mind. Learn how to recognize the difference between “monkey mind” chatter and resistance that requires action. Because high vibrations aren’t an excuse to turn away from what needs attention.


Gain new awareness and strategies for releasing attachment to the stories that stand in the way of your truth and the leap of faith required to embrace it. There are more stories than you realize and they like to hide in plain site. I’ll share my personal journey to shed my trickiest one and the profound lessons learned.


The difference between talking about ideas to going all-in. Develop a system for monitoring when you’re making decisions from a place of power versus fear and creative avoidance. Watch how the old falls away as you choose to step into the new, and gain the courage to do so.


Create momentum with a formula that blends action and alignment. More than simply staying in motion, understand the signs that keep you steadfast to your truest path. Hone your intuition so that you identify and take action on what’s meant for you with lightening speed.


Many begin, few stay the course. Gain the tools you need to anticipate success and move through adversity with grace. When the treasures you desire wait at the bottom of pitch black waters, are you the one to keep swimming when everyone is calling you back to the surface?

Quite possibly the most powerful module of them all.

Next Program for Entrepreneurial Women
3-Night Retreat on Lake Oconee

Friday evening Sept 21st through Monday morning Sept 24th

Few Spaces Remain! – Save Your Spot Right Away


working with Stefanie Diaz

Community builder and Founder of W.O.E. Women Only Entrepreneurs

Sought-after speaker on Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship 

Interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs as Host of the Mastermind Your Launch Podcast

Coach to 400+ clients through workshops, coaching, and consulting to hone their message and elevate their voice in the market

Host of 50+ events for Atlanta entrepreneurs

I admire Stefanie for so many of her qualities as a woman, as a community leader and as a mother. I have had the privilege to be with her behind the scenes of The Deep Dive and I want you to know the depth of this program.  Stefanie moves beyond life circumstances into creating a life filled with beauty, with depth and with her as her true self. The Deep Dive gives you access to Stefanie’s wisdom and lessons throughout her life as a woman to help you navigate and move from your “story” to “your story”, an empowered perspective of the life you want to create for yourself through a deep transformation. The qualities of vulnerability and authentic voice that Stefanie has come from these deep dives that is what bring success to many aspects of her life. This is a true gift and contribution for you to embrace yourself and your feminine power not from a place of circumstance from a place of truth, choice and inner power.
Virginia N.

My favorite thing about Stefanie is that she understands that entrepreneurship is more than a business process. She knows at an elemental level that it’s a journey. She also knows that we go through peaks and valleys as we claim our full power as female entrepreneurs.

Stefanie realizes that part of claiming our power is learning to own our voices and the struggle and emotional work inherent in that task. She supports us as we move through this scary – no, terrifying – process and provides strategies and actions that magically move us through the work.

Becky B.
Stefanie has a gift for helping you get to the core of the issue at hand. This is not from strategizing externally, but deeply looking the internal facets that we habitually ignore. I’ve taken several of Stefanie’s workshops and can say that her expertise in how life is reflective in everything we do comes through in her teachings.
Leah F.
Stefanie has been and continues to be such a source of light and positivity in both my professional and personal life.  She has encouraged me to dig deep to find my truth, not to be scared of listening to my inner goddess, and taking hints and direction from nature to find my true path.  Stef possesses many gifts, but her spirit of encouragement has always meant so much to me.  She is not one to judge the decisions or paths I take, but encourages me to take the path truest to my self.  And she also encourages me to let loose, have a good time, and SMILE!!!  Because life is too f’ing short to not have fun!
Tiffany G.
Stefanie has been an integral part of my life for many years now.  Her no nonsense approach to solving problems through logical thinking and emotional intelligence has helped me stay on my path to success and clear thinking.  She also allows a space for me to speak openly and honestly with a true servant’s heart with no judgement.  Stefanie is the perfect person for me to mastermind with and get really clear on next steps.  I hope that other people will be so lucky to have her presence in their life that will make a huge ripple effect for millions of people and beyond.
Belinda J.
Stefanie has the power to support you with a loving nonjudgmental nature, while still providing you the direction you need to hear. She is always able to make you feel seen and heard, even if is not something she has personally been through. Having Stefanie as part of my support system has been one of the biggest blessings in my life!
Jocelyn R.

what makes The Deep Dive unique?

The Deep Dive is more than a program.

This is my journey.  This is the wisdom I’ve acquired over tear-filled, life lessons and miraculous leaps. Every tool and strategy I pass on in this curriculum comes from a real moment when I lived it and came to the other side. 

Business is personal. Who you are being will 100% impact the results you are seeing in your work. 

The woman I am today is very different than the woman I was just a few years ago. I attribute my evolution to the decision to launch my own business, the series of events that unfolded as a result, and who I chose to be in the most pivotal moments that arose.

I often say, “While I was building it, it built me.”

Maybe you’re well into your entrepreneurial journey, but you’re navigating some challenging moments. Or perhaps entrepreneurship is a goal on the future horizon. Either way, The Deep Dive will empower your intuition, resilience, and evolution as you become an unstoppable force for life-changing waves.

Next Program for Entrepreneurial Women
3-Night Retreat on Lake Oconee

Friday evening Sept 21st through Monday morning Sept 24th

Few Spaces Remain! – Save Your Spot Right Away


questions before you jump in? Call me at 404-826-1129.

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