The WOE Worthiness Blend

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The Worthiness Blend has been formulated to encourage and support the WOE movement of power, voice, and community emotionally in our daily lives.  Reminding each of us of how resilient, wise, brave, powerful and worthy we are while encouraging us to live with determined authenticity, using our voice to unite our divine tribe of sisterhood.

Created by Abigail Smith, doTERRA wellness advocate and Stefanie Diaz, WOE founder using doTERRA essential oils.

Ginger the oil of Empowerment
Marjoram the oil of Connection
Rose the oil of Divine Love
Cedarwood the oil of Community
Sandalwood the oil of Sacred Devotion
Bergamot the oil of Self-Acceptance
Grapefruit the oil of Honoring the Body
Lavender the oil of Communication & Calm
Douglas Fir the oil of Generational Wisdom
Ylang Ylang the oil of The Inner Child

Contains: Ginger, marjoram, rose, cedarwood, sandalwood, bergamot, grapefruit, lavender, douglas fir, and ylang ylang in a fractionated coconut oil base.

To use: Apply to wrists, temples,  back of neck or behind the ears. 

Available for local pickup in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA or shipped to your address (shipping charges billed separately via PayPal.)


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