Mastermind Your Launch Radio on Business Radio X (2015-2017)

My launch into radio

On April 21, 2015, I launched the Mastermind Your Launch Podcast on iTunes.  My mission for this weekly online radio show was to empower entrepreneurs by breaking down their deepest limiting beliefs.

I believed that the more launch stories I could share from successful entrepreneurs of all walks of the life, the fewer excuses aspiring entrepreneurs would have to sit still on the life-changing ideas that they’d placed on the back-burner.

It worked. As I shared stories from high school students, to single moms, to baby boomers and more, listeners poured in to let me know how the show was shifting their confidence and inspiring brave action. The growth and evolution of the Mastermind Your Launch Podcast was one that I could never have expected.

Eventually evolving into Mastermind Your Launch Radio on the Business Radio X platform and generating over 130,000 listeners per episode, this show created more impact than I ever imagined.

It gave me the opportunity to dig deep into the minds of startup founders and investors. It gave me a platform to share my voice and the voice of others. It set the stage for the next chapter of my career… WOE.

Enjoy these interviews and soak in every bit of wisdom from these fierce, female founders. They took the time to give you a peek into their journey so that you can move that much faster along yours.