Reveal your voice



End the doubts and start doing.

Learn how to expand your voice and business through podcasting, public speaking, hosting events, and growing a community, even if you're starting from scratch.


  • You want to expand your voice in the world because you know you are meant to take bigger stages and serve bigger audiences.
  • You love seeing women express their fullest voices and believe your voice can spark a movement.
  • You intentionally cultivate your most empowered self and desire to connect with women who do the same.
  • You understand that there’s a unique energy when women convene together to leverage the knowledge of lessons already learned.
  • You are ready to take off. You need a roadmap and some accountability to see it through.

Create a legacy of success and empowerment wherever you go.

Meet your coach.

4x Founder. Public Speaker. Venture Capital Investor. Community Builder. Podcaster. Executive Coach.

I've been scaling companies since 2007 beginning with a pharmaceutical startup that we grew to over $100M in annual revenue in 4 years.

For the last 6 years, I've been coaching female founders to reveal the fullness of their voices in a way that expands their business beyond what they believed possible.

My coaching has changed lives and personal fortunes.

Because when a woman claims her most powerful voice in one area of her life, she unknowingly sets into motion a series of events that touch every area of her life.

I know because this is the path that took me from scaling a pharma company to over $100M to launching my own podcast, launching one of Atlanta's most dynamic and diverse communities for women, and the world venture capital.

Let's work together and bring all of you to your rightful place at the table.

Learn More About Stefanie

Video Course Modules

  • Introduction + What It Means To STEEP In Your Voice
  • Connecting to the Unique Voice that Separate You From Noise
  • Anchoring Your Story From Elevator Pitch to Public Speaker
  • Becoming a Public Speaking Powerhouse Who Gets Booked
  • Harnessing the Art of the Interview for Accelerated Growth
  • Everything You Need to Launch a Podcast
  • Hosting (in-person and virtual) Events and Crafting a Signature Experience
  • How to Fill the Room (or Zoom)
  • Power Your Purpose by Monetizing Your Events
  • [BONUS] The Hidden Secret to Taking the Stage That Led to My Most Unimaginable Opportunities


Get immediate access to the curriculum via Teachable. Each video training includes an educational presentation by Stefanie Diaz, plus recorded Q&A.

This is a hands-on experience. It will push the limits of your comfort zone. You will make real progress, create new content, and walk away with a crystal clear connection to your voice and how to use it to amplify your reach and visibility.


What Women are Saying

Great opportunity to hear from thought leaders and empowered women. Stefanie creates a positive space for reflection, creativity and community. I wish I would have found her sooner.

You would learn so incredibly much from Stefanie. She is a power house and clearly shares how to "Reveal Your Voice". Stefanie shares how she specifically built her extremely successful WEO community and give specific guidance on how to help others "Reveal Their Voice" and pursue their dreams. I plan to attend every future event that Stefanie offers.

Stefanie always delivers the goods - she's speaking from a place of knowing and that's what really seals the deal for me. She is vulnerable and not afraid to share it all! In three days I have so more clarity, direction and have truly begun to hear and develop my unique voice, which is the key to unlocking the programs and projects I'm launching and securing. I can't say enough great things!


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