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She Conquers Capital

Join renowned women’s empowerment entrepreneur + investor relations strategist Stefanie Diaz for powerful conversations with the women impacting investment capital. Stefanie and her She Conquers Capital guests are rewriting the rules of startup life, fundraising, and capital markets. Listen as they discuss how to raise capital, invest, and amplify the resources you have. New episodes weekly!


I N V E S T O R  R E L A T I O N S  S T R A T E G Y

Because we can be all the things.

Smart and spiritual. Vulnerable and victorious. Always ready to dance and always ready to tackle a financial spreadsheet. Learn more about the not-so-women-only part of my work.


Capital markets have called my name since I can remember. As a math and statistic whiz in school to seeking out finance books and shows in my early career. It’s no surprise that my 2015 entrepreneur podcast, Mastermind Your Launch, quickly opened the door to the Atlanta community of startups and investors.

In 2018, that door opened even wider as I stepped into the role of Head of Investor Relations for a rapidly growing consumer lender while also taking on screening and due diligence for an angel investing group.

Having a seat on both sides of the table opened my eyes to the communication gap between entrepreneurs and investors and the ways in which diversity (a hot topic in the press) is missing from the conversation.

I’m grateful for the opportunity and take great responsibility in doing my part to bring more women and minority founders to the table. Learn more at PoweredByVerve.com.