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The WOE Tribe meets on the second Tuesday of every month with events that are open to ambitious women from all industries and all levels of entrepreneurship, including aspiring.

Our Meetups are low-key and intimate. While the WOE Main Events are high-energy and transformational. Think Ellen meets Oprah for Female Founders and Lady Bosses :)

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What a wonderful experience, WOE delivered on all of its promises - we danced, toasted to greatness, received empowerment from like minded women, heard stories of fatih & encouragement and so much more. Stefanie and her team did an amazing job!-
What you are doing for the female entrepreneurial community is super awesome. Every time you share a piece of your story at each event it makes it more and more clear why this means so much to you and your passion shines through every time! I’m still feeding off of the energy from yesterday and I’m sure all of the fabulous ladies in attendance last night are doing the same. WOE really does have a piece of my heart!-
I attended your W.O.E. main event last night, for the first time, and was blown away by my experience. The atmosphere of the tribe you have cultivated is so nurturing and loving that it was unlike any other women's networking experience I have had. I loved the support and encouragement I felt in the room. I also had a breakthrough about my own unique experience and what I am here to do when Leah Fairman was on the stage. Thank you for being you. I am looking forward to attending future W.O.E. events.-
Love going to this event! I meet new fabulous women who are ready to give back to their community by sharing their purpose!-
Thank you for reminding me that it is okay to be still and to take the time I need to HEAL. That resonated with me so much, as I love to put unnecessary pressure on myself to do and be everything all at once! I am so grateful for your event. I am still on a high from the energy of meeting such incredible women who are on a mission to support/empower one another and change the world at the same time, #weruntheworld. Thank you, also, for providing a place for ``real talk`` and vulnerability. I have learned from experience that it is our vulnerability that makes us strong. -


Do you find yourself doubting or struggling to maintain momentum as you grow your business?

The entrepreneurial journey is emotional and mentally challenging. It takes resilience, optimism, and honesty to persevere through the obstacles we encounter at every turn.

Do you believe that your business would grow faster with a brain trust of experienced and like-minded women by your side?

Women in ancient tribes carried out their tasks together to ensure that each woman always had exactly what she needed and never felt the weight of doing it all alone.

Ready to embrace deeper level of confidence and clearer road map by allowing multiple eyes to look into your operations and strategy and craft your way forward?

Welcome to WOE!

WOE is far from your average networking group. The women are different and YOU will feel different alongside them.


  • Monthly Soul Circles
  • Free admission to all Meetups and Main Events ($420 savings)
  • Exclusive Digital Content
  • Special Guest Trainings
  • Private Facebook Group
  • No commitment. Cancel your membership any time you feel it’s not for you.


  • Save $176 per year
  • Receive a 30-Minute Business Strategy Call with Stefanie Diaz
  • Monthly Soul Circles
  • Free admission to all Meetups and Main Events ($420 savings)
  • Exclusive Digital Content
  • Special Guest Trainings
  • Private Facebook Group
  • No commitment. Cancel your membership any time you feel it’s not for you.
Oh my goodness! I look back on the past couple of weeks and the women I've met, the conversations that have taken place, and the support and genuine love I've been given, and it leaves me in complete awe. -
The moment I walked into Stefanie Diaz's WOE event, I knew it was different. Her authenticity, intelligence and business expertise provides a supportive space for your whole self. She can be a role model to look towards because she truly wants to see the people around her to be their bests and to succeed.-
WOE is hands-down the best group of professional, supportive women in Atlanta!-


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