Awaken to your truest voice among a tribe of powerful women in a 3-day virtual experienced designed to up-level your work and visibility.

Prepare to unlock something unstoppable.

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An experience for Unstoppable Women

At WOE, we believe that anything is possible. We also believe that women brave enough to claim higher levels of success and deeper connection with their trues selves will encounter resistance or #woes at some point in their journey.

Obstacles are no reason to turn back. Now is the time to turn up your energy and transform your tribe. Beautiful treasures await on the other side of your transformation.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You intentionally cultivate your most empowered self and desire to connect with women who do the same.
  • You seek to expand your circle of wise women, and traditional networking hit the mark.
  • You shine your light and love making an impact on this world.
  • You are resilient and admire that same quality in others.
  • You understand that there’s a unique energy when women convene together, and it makes us all stronger for the road ahead.

Imagine your next chapter…

  • What if you had complete trust in your journey, even in the moments when you’re presented with the unknown?
  • What if the women you turn to saw your power and didn’t try to undermine it?
  • What if you let go of what no longer serves you so that your desires have the space to arrive?
  • What if you move forward to more success and expansion than you thought possible all because you move through the world differently than you do today?


Meet Your Host

S T E F A N I E  D I A Z .  E N T R E P R E N E U R  A N D  P O D C A S T E R

After years of helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses, she claimed her own voice in the business world when she launched the Mastermind Your Launch podcast in 2015. The radio series led her to the startup world and ultimately paved the way for her current work in venture capital and angel investing.

Her intuitive guidance to support women led her to create WOE | The Women Only Experience in 2017. Believing that powerful women need a space to be vulnerable in order to propel forward, she has hosted over 30 WOE events in only 3 years.

As an Atlanta Startup Wonder Woman as named by Hypepotamus, Stefanie seeks to empower people of all backgrounds to claim their power and reach their goals.

Also featuring…

Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

Founder of EnrichHER

EnrichHER is a financial technology platform with regulatory approval to help women secure funding to grow their ventures. Roshawnna recently closed $500 million in financing for women-led ventures through EnrichHER.

Join us for a powerful fireside chat on building empires and building your most powerful *self.*

Janet Raftis

Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach

Back by popular demand. This is Janet’s second visit to the WOE stage to lead our group in our closing *healing meditation.* Janet’s intuitive work emphasizes the divine feminine. We are thrilled to welcome her back.


Jasmine Crowe

Founder of Goodr

“Trust in your struggle.”

Anisa Telwar Kaicker

Founder of Anisa International

“No matter what you say or do, your destiny will find you.”

Jacqui Chew

Startup Catalyst at ATDC

“If you don’t have a community, create one.”

Jewel Burks Solomon

Founder of PartPic

“Trust your gut.”

Chrissa McFarlane

Founder of Patientory

“Surrounding yourself with the right people is critical.”

Titania Jordan

Chief Parent Officer at

“Have faith that you’re always exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

Jen Bonnett

Director of ATDC and Founder of Startup Chicks

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Tracey Grace

Founder of IBEX IT Business Experts

“If you want to be big, build it like it’s big.”

Kelly Burton

Founder of Founders of Color

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Ofelia de LaValette

Founder of Dance 101

“You never know your turning point until long after it’s passed.”

Janet Raftis

Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach

“Claim the fullness of who you are.”

Leah Merriweather

Founder of Yoga From Scratch

“Find your highest frequency and tune into it.”



(but don’t just take our word for it!)


I attended your W.O.E. main event last night, for the first time, and was blown away by my experience. The atmosphere of the tribe you have cultivated is so nurturing and loving that it was unlike any other women’s networking experience I have had.
WOE is hands-down the best group of professional, supportive women in Atlanta! 
What you are doing for the female entrepreneurial community is so amazing. Every time you share a piece of your story at each event it makes it more and more clear why this means so much to you and your passion shines through every time! I’m still feeding off of the energy from yesterday and I’m sure all of the fabulous ladies in attendance last night are doing the same. WOE really does have a piece of my heart!
What a wonderful experience! WOE delivered on all of its promises – we danced, toasted to greatness, received empowerment from like minded women, heard stories of faith & encouragement, and so much more. Stefanie and her team did an amazing job!
This was so cool!! A room full of strong-minded women!! We laughed, shared, encouraged each other and personally I left feeling so light!! Thank you Stefanie for creating this space of acceptance and nurturing!
Love going to this event! I meet new fabulous women who are ready to give back to their community by sharing their purpose!

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Where it all began… Footage of WOE’s debut event in April 2017 and an interview with Stefanie Diaz sharing the inspiration.

When WOE first hit the Atlanta scene, it stood for Women Only Entrepreneurs. As time went on, our focus on the inner journey took center stage and with that The Women Only Experience was unveiled in January 2019.

Watch as Stefanie shares the unlikely career journey that led her to the launch of WOE. From pharmaceuticals to launching her own podcast and taking the leap to run her business full-time.

There’s always more to the story. Learn more about WOE’s here.

Supporting Women Build

We’re thrilled to announce that your choice to live it up at the WOE Main Event will support a new life chapter for a single mother in need.

A portion of our Main Event profits are going towards Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build. Buy your ticket and stay tuned for more ways to get involved.